Welcome to another UX blog

The concept of User Experience (UX) is the new trend. I'm not gonna lie, it's bad. Everybody seems to be an expert and I can't help but feeling cringe while reading a bunch of weird stuff on the internet.


I feel the urge to talk about real UX strategy from my experience. The goal of this blog is to talk about the UX reality in the tech world with real examples and cases.

I'm a Tech Writer at Atlassian and I study, design and implement Information Architecture (IX). I work with designers, researchers, specialized IX Tech Writers and all sorts of devs.

The world of IX is relatively unknown to the general public. My hope is that this blog will help you gain a better understanding of IX, and give you an appreciation for why a good IX/UX strategy is essential in the business world

I will also tell you stories about my daily life working for the JIRA IX team, in one of the finest tech companies on earth, Atlassian.

Let's get started...