Let's talk UX [part 3]: Agile User Experience

Tech companies are going Agile.The ability of the exotic profiles to rapidly adapt is essential to work in development teams.
Being able to work cross 10 teams, having cross-teams meetings, changing your plans every hour and having your work ready for a weekly release is something many people fail at.

Very often I get questioned about my day at Atlassian. How is it possible that a IXer works cross 100 projects at the same time in a variety of teams each of which has sprint planning meetings, reviews and stand-ups? The answer is fairly simple: Work like a dev.

Time to release

One of the biggest challenges UXers face is the work integration within agile development teams. If we have a fortnightly release with product UI, API or behavior changes, all the stakeholders will have to coordinate to get to release on time.

In order to achieve that, everyone in the team will have to sync up attending standups, planning meetings and so on. Another key part will be the tooling and the ability to share information across the organization. In our case, we use Confluence.
A bowl of bananas

Development tools

For any dev team member including UXers, the development tools will facilitate the implementation of QA strategies, help translators do their job in a controlled environment and make teams shared information within the organization. We love Git, Bitbucket, Source Tree, JIRA (of course) and Sublime Text among others.

A bowl of bananas

In the next chapter I'll share with you my day at the amazing Atlassian office and we'll talk about meetings, time management and other affairs.