Let's talk UX [part 1]: Defining the concept

Some folks talk about UX from a UI design-only point of view while others think it's all about usability. Too often we hear about interface simplicity and usability as if those elements were the main and only UX focus. FAIL
A bowl of bananas

Let's start from the beginning:

The international standard on the ergonomics of human system interaction, ISO 9241-210, defines user experience as "a person's perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service". According to this definition UX includes the users' emotions, beliefs, and physical and psychological responses that occur before, during and after use.

Given the magnitude of the concept itself, we could claim that each professional will design the UX strategy based on their own subject field. This goes from API technical writing strategies to the design of a button color patterns and usability and interaction experiments.

In UX specialized team we'll usually find designers, marketers, developers and all sort of managers. This is definitely NOT a matter of luck. A good UX strategy depends on everyone and applies to everything.

The biggest mistake in UX is to give more relevance to an interface than to the content or support. User experience comprises multiple, complex fields that interact with each other to create a natural UX.

"In order to understand the multiverse that is UX, we'll have to get out of our comfort zone and use our empathy and primitive understanding. Think of it as a quantum approach to User Experience.

In the next episode we'll go down one level in order to start getting hands-on with the different disciplines...